20's, amateur. Can I have sex if I become a regular at a personal photo session?

    Uncensored, amateur. Can I have sex if I become a regular at a personal photo session?
    Even if I asked a beautiful woman in a micro swimsuit, I was refused, but if I talked persistently, I could have sex


    A personal photo session with Yumiko Fujita, who is so cute wearing a bikini swimsuit with a very small cloth area. Bikini pants are a type that can be sandwiched between the front and back without strings. There is only a stick behind. A pussy cover type that can no longer be called pants. Yumiko-chan’s fan photographer will start to persuade her while shooting. What is your favorite “Strawberry”. I’ll send you a lot, so please tell me your address. It’s 5 photo sessions. Would you like to have a pasta date? A photographer trying to get closer to Guigui. There is a rumor that if you go to the photo session 5 times, you will get crazy. Yumiko smiles at the photographer who emphasizes that this is the 5th photo session, “Thank you for always coming.” I’m trying to keep a safe distance from the fans … A cameraman who changed to a video camera and continued the photo session, saying that the staff said that video shooting is also good. I try to touch it under the name of shoulder massage, but my boobs are not good. I’m kindly rejected, but I don’t care. Yumiko who is shy after servicing “Chu” toward the camera. Are you inviting me? Suddenly, a cameraman who was worried about it. “Yumiko-chan will invite you.”, “I bought three 1-hour slots.”, “I’m the last one today. I’ve filled three slots.” I hope I can spend a long time, but it’s no good. The photographer who goes crazy to Yumiko who does not look like a bad face does not stop. I put my hand in the bra of the swimsuit and touched it, “I have already put it in. My nipples are crunchy.” Yumiko-chan, who makes an excuse for me to get angry with the staff, says, “It’s okay, let’s get angry with me,” with a feeling of a couple. In addition, I untied the bra string of Yumiko’s swimsuit. By the way, there is also a thing like a pussy cover below. “Kiss me because I don’t touch it.” “I can’t because Yumiko is too cute.” It’s a dangerous level, but no one is going into it. The staff to stop has not returned. Then, please enjoy the vaginal cum shot SEX full of fans’ dreams, hopes and desires. “I said no!”

    [Complete version] I got fucked by a photographer at the scene of shooting an amateur model