Uncensored, amateur. Anal, pussy and clitoris! Thorough measurement of naked girls!


    Uncensored, amateur. Even if you know the size of your boobs, you can’t measure the size of your clitoris, anal, or pussy! I tried to measure the part that I do not usually measure ♪
    Anal, pussy and clitoris! Thorough measurement of naked girls!


    Azusa Kawai, a beautiful round-faced woman, appears in the popular series “Mechanism of a Girl” by measuring the embarrassing part of a girl. She’s 158 cm tall, and Azusa-chan is wondering if she can’t remember her three sizes. Her cup size is “E cup”, but she immediately answered. It seems that she has never measured the length of her areola. First of all, from the length of the tongue. 4.5 cm. It is a soft erotic mouth and tongue that makes you want to thrust your dick. The length of the areola is 1 cm, and the nipple is pinched and stimulated to erect before measurement. Azusa’s breathing is getting rough. Next is the length of the vagina. Measure after squeezing her chestnut, stick out the butt with prone and check the length of anal. And I will investigate the inside of the pussy. I’m confused when I look at the prepared example. Yes, it’s Cusco made of transparent plastic. When you insert it and open it, you can see the inside of the vagina. A close-up shot of the inside of a beautiful pink fold. A smiling smile. Can I have this licked? It was a big transparent stick that was presented. When you look at it from the end of the stick, you can see the tongue moving. And the stick to the pussy. Of course, the inside of the vagina is also completely visible. Then measure the vaginal temperature before SEX. Then, please enjoy the vaginal cum shot SEX with Azusa who has become sensitive to naughty body measurements. The vaginal temperature has risen once after being vaginal cum shot!

    [Complete version] The Structure Of Woman: the temperature inside is 38